The beauty of the laser is all about the brilliance of a singular focused light.  And, isn’t that what a marketing campaign should be, a singularity of focus that we call laser guided?

We make it happen at light-speed!

We  design, develop and implement integrated marketing programs supported by “Speed to Market” technologies that can rapidly launch a  product, service or application.

The Celeritas186 (C186) “First approach” is to delve deep into the  quantitative and  qualitative; the “how” and “why” and “purpose driven” motives that consumers have and  from this vantage point we can help create the necessary tools to accelerate successful marketing endeavors.

To us, this approach lies at the core of the emerging market business requirements.

The C186 team has developed a platform from which we can augment, amplify and analyze these requirements for the realities in today’s weirdly tyrannical “show me the results” marketplace.