In the old agricultural days, a farmer needed to get his crops or produce to market as soon as possible. He would ask himself which size buggy should I use? Do I need to saddle up the team of horses? What farm road will get my yield to the market fastest? If there is rain how can I protect my crops on the way there?
Our farmer had a myriad of questions that needed answers right now. Nothing has changed today. If you are marketing a product, brand or service you have to ask similar questions yet with a modern reference point of how it’s done in the 186,000 miles per second world of the internet, otherwise known as the speed of light.
It all begins with what market you are selling to. Then the “who of who” you are you selling to. How should you sell, promote, sample, etc?

To us, it is all about making the emerging market connection and leveraging the best and most cost effective tools that will get you there.
So just like that farmer of days gone past it is all about achieving “Speed to Market”.